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About me

I am an Irish web developer / entreprenuer who discovered that web designers were having to charge clients maintenance fees for tiny website updates like the addition of a testimonial or customer review. I decided to create this service with the aim to save money for small businesses everywhere.

Gary Plowman,
Founder / CEO of Testimonial Robot

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Got happy customers?

Then let them speak for you and promote your business.

Our testimonial / review service can help improve your website sales while reducing customer feedback administration. We provide instant delivery of pre-approved customer reviews to your site.

The Steps

1. Sign up for our 14-Day FREE TRIAL

2. Use website button or email a link to allow customers to add reviews

3. Approve / Unapprove testimonials / reviews via emails or dashboard


Benefits of our service

Our widget continuously displays approved customer testimonials on your website

Boosts Customer Confidence
Boosts SEO
Google Friendly
Easy to use
Saves money on web designer updates
Saves time with instant review submissions
Looks great!


Increase your sales

Relevant up-to-the-minute testimonials increase customer confidence and therefore boost sales. Fact!


Example Testimonials

"We were so delighted. Great service and professional job!"
Joe Bloggs (London)
"I loved my pre-test lesson. Passed my test the next day! Thnks! "
Peter Thorpe (Cardiff)
"My back never felt better! Great work!"
Jane (Dublin)

Example Customers